What Our Clients Say

Thanks DK Injury Clinic for your care, keeping my body healthy after all those miles on the road with deep tissue massage and dry needling, especially the extra boost from the Shockwave Therapy machine that the calve niggle needed.

Maria McCambridge 

I had recently started training with the hope of competing in a handful of triathlon’s this summer. Having come from a professional rugby background I was very aware of the importance of injury prevention from high intensity training so I was pretty frustrated when I started suffering from severe heal pain while running, otherwise known as plantar fasciitis. I tried rest and many treatments until shock therapy was suggested to me by my Coach . I Contacted DK Injury Clinic out at Base to Race in Ballymount and after two sessions of shock therapy I was back Running lightly and after four shock therapy sessions I was back in full training .I found this amazing for an acute Injury such as mine and massively recommend it to anyone frustrated with their injury.

Niall “Bressie” Breslin 

Musician and TV Show coach from the Voice Ireland 
As an endurance runner, I work with Dee because not only is she a highly respected ultra-runner, ski-guide and mountain leader she’s also a great physical-therapist. This means that she completely ‘gets’ the opposing tensions every ultra-runner experiences; the ineluctable desire for adventure and the limits of the physical body. Dee helps me in three ways; she provides assessment and treatment sessions that have improved my functional movement, she gives me bespoke strengthening plans I use to recover and prevent relapsed injury of a chronically damaged ankle, and she limbers and tapes me up in the days leading up to endurance events such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and the Denis Rankin Round. It’s unlikely that my body would have coped with the demands of the many adventures I’ve had without Dee. She keeps me in the fight.-Brian Kitson, Ultra Runner

Brian Kitson

Ultra Marathon Runner
"I went to  DK Injury Clinic after attending a physio with an Achilles Tendinitis/Tendinopathy injury for about 3-4 weeks. I had also tried a number of exercises and stretches (Alfredson Achilles eccentric strengthening) to alleviate the pain/injury myself but nothing was working. I had heard about Shock Wave Therapy treatments from a friend in my triathlon club but to be honest, I ignored the suggestion at first as I was sceptical it would do anything to help the Achilles. However, I was only 4-5 weeks out from my first Ironman and I couldn't even run 500 meters without serious pain. I decided to give it a go as I had nothing to lose and had no other options at this stage. 

Over the course of the next 8-12 days, I attended the clinic 3-4 times and I received shock wave therapy on each occasion. After the 4th session, i was told that I could go for a small 5-6km jog to test it out. To my amazement and utter delight, I was able to run pain free for the first time in about 6 weeks. As I was running, I just kept waiting to feel the pain but nothing. I even ran an extra 3km as I was so delighted with myself.

 I was two weeks out from Ironman at this stage and I managed to run 2-3 more times before the event which was just what I needed for my confidence. I went back to the clinic for one more precautionary treatment the week of the race and off I went to Austria for my first Ironman. The couple of runs that I did the two weeks before the race were all less than 10km as I didn't want to risk aggravating the injury. On the day of the race, I was prepared to have to walk parts of the race as I was convinced the injury would flair back up somewhere along the marathon after the pounding it would take throughout the day. However, to my delight, it didn't. I managed to run the whole marathon without the Achilles flaring up once. 

Looking back on the race now, I am extremely grateful for the advice to go to DK Injury Clinic and more importantly, for getting me to the start line without any Achilles pain/injury."

Colm Dempsey

"I work as a hairstylist so I am on my feet a lot and started to suffer with Achilles pain which has been going on for 20 years now. I noticed a lump, redness and swelling in the Achilles tendon developing. I continued to try run and joined the local running club whilst battling with my Achilles and getting Plantar Fasciitis on my other foot but managed them the best I could but was never able to shake it or get away from the pain. I couldn’t give the running up as it meant so much to me and struggled on but it came to a point where I had no choice as it was so bad. I went to an enormous number of physios to try to get back running but had no joy. I was referred to DK Injury Clinic and after 3 sessions with Shock Wave Therapy and having been prescribed with orthotic insoles for both my Achilles and Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) I could honestly see a huge difference. I’ve returned back to running three times a week and I have my sights set on Dublin City Marathon 2016."

June Flattery